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Hey, everyone! Welcome to Maq and Mane!

I am Rachel Biestman, a hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylist based in Augusta, GA. I have been serving in the industry for over ten years! I am married to Patrick Biestman of Acuity Photography, and that makes us a pretty cool gig. Augusta is about 2.5 hours away from Atlanta, and 3 hours away from Charleston: the city that holds our hearts! We love to travel just about anywhere to serve our clients, but we have made the very most of the "Garden City:" our home for the last decade. Patrick and I work best together (you will have the most organized wedding day imaginable, as well as a sizable discount), but you can book us separately as well (we'll only be a little smug). Click the link above for his website, but here we will talk about myself!

Hair and makeup is a likely gig for people who have known me for any length of time ("Oh, that seems about right"). It was an unlikely gig for my younger self, who always saw her future in music. After turning down a scholarship for voice performance at Converse College, I spent four years in Knoxville at Bible College, and another two years in Sydney, Australia to attend Hillsong College. I came home all ready for the stage, but home was more difficult than I thought it would be! After a few moves I ended up in Charleston, SC. I met my husband the day I moved there, and long walks through such a picturesque city drew me back into the arts. I had always been good with my hands, so I enrolled in cosmetology school. One short year later, and I dove straight into the career that has been enormously redeeming. I have forged so many friendships, and have been an integral part of many monumental moments! 

My approach to hair and makeup is "natural pretty" with a courteous nod to current trend. I have a deep knowledge of the various decades of retro hair, and I am pretty handy with a roller set, finger waves, or pin curls. I love serving cultures other than my own, having traveled rather extensively for a Southern girl! I adore Indian weddings, and feel at ease around different spoken languages. I also have had some set time, and i'm eager to expand my commercial experience! 

My commitment to my clients is to be on time, prepared, and knowledgable. I am here to serve, but I endeavor to suggest modern, beautiful creations with a photograph's perspective. Why is that important? Because now more than ever YOUR beautiful face will end up in a photograph. If you are investing in makeup services, it is probably for a photographed event. Being married to Patrick Biestman of Acuity Photography gives me a unique perspective, with constant constructive feedback. Now that's an asset! 

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