You are pretty, girl.

You are pretty, even in photographs.

One day, a long long time ago, some ungracious friend posted a regrettable picture of you. It might have happened a few times more, and now you have a defeatist's attitude toward your pretty face. 

We are here to tell you something very different: you are beautiful in photographs. This collection of photos are from my husband over at Acuity Photography. We work together to help you with hairstyling, makeup, wardrobe, posing, and expression to encourage you on your photographic journey. 

Let us help you get your photo-mojo back!


Still not sure?

Patrick and I meet with perspective clients regularly to chat about art, passion, and photographing women. While some might see a personal session as indulgent, we see it as transformative.

Hit the contact button below to connect with us and our truly unique experience.  


I cannot say too much about our experience, because it is just different. Our touch is different. Our view is different. Our product is different. Our worth is different. 

We cannot wait to meet you, beautiful one.